There are a number of ways to get free designer fashion. These methods include bartering with designers, free social networking web sites and working through various retail chains if you are so inclined.

One of the most sought after and most desired fashion is clothing. These garments can be very expensive and are changed quite often. There have been several makeover shows highlighting designer fashion for program participants. The popularity and interest in those shows have caused other people to wonder how they might negotiate their own free stuff. To get free designer fashion there are several options available for you to try

Get Free Designer Merchandise through Retail Chains

If you or any member of your immediate family work with a major retail chain, you may be able to get free designer fashion or other accessories. Be warned that there can be a long waiting list of other employees who are waiting to show off the stores clothing.

The free designer merchandise through retail chains is often supplied by the store manager to help promote the product. The practicing stores are supervised by senior managers who can assist when needed. Usually, free designer merchandise is available near a major mall or shopping centers.

Get Free Designer Merchandise through Bartering

Check out local bartering websites for personal and business use. Many of these sites have places where you can list what you want, as well as the goods and services you have to offer. Websites like is a trade association for businesses that often have local and national exposure. These sites accept trades for timeshares, and training services as well as items like computers, babysitting, and even home or Secondhand Cars.

If the designer isn’t looking for what you offer specifically, many of these sites offer their own dollars where you earn money for the services and goods you’ve provided to other members that can be spent at the plastic surgeon’s office for free breast implants. Search online for barter sites and join a couple of the ones that look like they might meet your needs.

Get Free Designer Merchandise through Social Networking Sites for Donors

One of the latest options for women who want to get designer merchandise for free includes social networking web sites. These social networking websites are dedicated to connecting women who want designer merchandise with donors who want to contribute to their cause. Joining the website is free for both women searching for free designer merchandise and donors. Once you’ve joined the site, there are options to set up profiles, download pictures and text, audio, or video chat with other members.