Fashion merchandisers must have the marketing savvy and retail know how to help designers sell their product. They must be able to anticipate trends and consumer preferences, and make sure the merchandise is in stock. Marketing skills and a keen sense of what will sell will set you apart in the world of fashion merchandising.


There are many exciting jobs you might qualify for when you earn a degree in fashion merchandising: You can be a fashion buyer, fashion merchandiser, store manager, or retailer. You might also find a career in areas such as fashion advertising, fashion event planning, or product development. When you earn a degree in fashion merchandising, you can choose the fashion career that is best for you.


Employment of advertising, marketing, and sales managers is expected to grow at an above-average pace, between 21% and 35% per year through 2010.

In fashion merchandising, employers seek college graduates with related experience, a high level of creativity, and strong communication skills.

Advertising, marketing, and sales manager jobs are highly coveted and will be sought by other managers, resulting in keen competition.


You can earn your certificate or bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. In these programs, you will find a curriculum that provides you with training in all areas of sales and promotions as well courses in retail management and consumer behavior. Additionally, you will learn about the fashion industry and how to work with designers and retailers to best promote their products.


There is a great deal of attention paid to fashion these days, and successfully promoting the products of designers is important to many areas of the fashion industry. Jobs in this market will be competitive. Only the most qualified fashion merchandising professionals will get work in a market where competition has grown over the years. Salaries in this field can widely vary from $50,000 to $100,00+ annually.